The Growth package is aimed at businesses seeking a more comprehensive website solution

Expanded Website for Businesses

The Growth package is designed for businesses that are looking for a more comprehensive website solution. This package includes all the features of the Start package, but expands the offering to 4–7 pages, giving you more space to showcase your company’s services and products.

Growth package

Analytics and Privacy for Your Online Presence

The package includes Google Analytics installation, which allows you to track your site’s traffic and user behavior. Cookie installation helps improve user experience and ensures compliance with data protection legislation. We also offer 1 month of free maintenance, ensuring smooth operation and updates for your site from the start. The Growth package is the ideal solution for you when you want to expand your online presence and improve your business’s visibility online.

  • All features of Start
  • 4 – 7 pages
  • Google Analytics installation
  • Cookie installation
  • 1 month free maintenance
  • Price €999 + VAT (excl. design and logo)

Note: There is a monthly fee of €5.98 + VAT for web hosting. We can recommend Hostaan’s web hosting services

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