Registry and Privacy Statement

1. Data Controller

Company: Suomen Nettimyynti Oy
Address: Palstakatu 7-9, 3rd floor, 11100 Riihimäki
Business ID: 2885161-6
Phone: +358440123776

2. Contact Person Responsible for the Registry

First Name Last Name: Trung Ta
Phone Number: +358440123776

3. Name of the Registry

User Registry of the Online Service

4. Legal Basis and Purpose of Processing Personal Data

The legal basis for processing personal data is the data controller’s legitimate interest, and the purpose of the processing is to communicate with customers, maintain customer relationships, marketing, and analyze website user activity via Google Analytics.

5. Content of the Registry

The registry stores personal data such as a person’s name, position, company/organization, contact information (phone number, email address, address), as well as online data such as IP address, cookies, and user activity through Google Analytics. Additionally, other customer relationship-related information, such as order and billing information, is stored.

6. Regular Sources of Information

Personal data is collected from the customer through various means such as www forms, email, phone, and other customer interactions, as well as through Google Analytics and WordPress.

7. Regular Disclosures of Information and Transfer of Data Outside the EU or EEA

Personal data is not routinely disclosed to external parties, but it may be transferred outside the EU or EEA through service providers, such as Google Analytics.

8. Principles of Registry Protection

Registry information is carefully protected, and both physical and digital information security is properly maintained.

9. Right of Inspection and Right to Demand Correction of Information

Every individual in the registry has the right to check their information stored in the registry and to demand correction of any incorrect information or completion of incomplete information by sending a written request to the data controller.

10. Other Rights Related to the Processing of Personal Data

An individual in the registry has the right to request the deletion of their personal data from the registry (“right to be forgotten”) and to other rights in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation, such as the restriction of processing personal data in certain situations.